Pupa Purifying Renvigorating Scented Water 150ml, 8011607228515-2095
SKU- 2095
3.750 KD
Package Contain :  WATER SCENTED PURIFIANTE DYNAMISANTE With Extract Brown Algae A unisex fragrance with the mix of balsamic notes, precious woods and citrus oils. Ideal for those seeking relief from a fresh and delicate scent in a single gesture. WATER SCENTED REGENERATING ANTI-STRESS With Pearl extract An elixir of flowers, spices and precious woods to relax from the stress of a chaotic day. Ideal for those wishing to get carried away with a sensual and sweet fragrance that lulls the mind and invigorates the body. SCENTED WATER TONING ANTI-FATIGUE With Bamboo extract The wood of cedar and vetiver provide a unisex fragrance. Ideal for who wants to be pampered with the reassuring scents that eliminate fatigue.

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