Beautyime Professional Abrhasive Foot File, PBT 166-8291
SKU- 8291
3.750 KD
Package Contain :  When we design and manufacture a product Beautytime we take special care in order to offer the highest performance. For all our cutting tools we use only steel tweezers 420 certificate, steel having hardness, resistance to corrosion and wear more suitable to their end use. Furthermore, the steel used has to be considered nickel free (trace <0.01%), guaranteeing the complete hypoallergenic product. Similarly all the cosmetic applicators are produced with rubbers which do not provoke allergic reaction to contact with the skin. Our sponges are harvested in the Mediterranean Sea in cold water to provide greater consistency. Than natural ones synthetic sponges allow a more thorough cleaning, are less aggressive on sensitive skin and reduce the consumption of detergent.

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